NCT is your global container supplier and provides to our partners several services such as:

Sale of containers:

  • NCT offers the possibility to purchase all types of containers, from new (one trip) and used, with or without navigation certification.
  • Our fleet includes standard units and special units.
  • Nordic Container Trading has a vast experience of refrigerated containers, namely a complete fleet of 20 and 40 feet in new and used condition which we generally sell the follow brands: Carrier, Daikin and Thermoking units.
  • All the refrigerated containers are inspected by competent and specialized technicians in the field, which makes NCT your reliable partner.


We have a network of professional partners with solutions for the transportation of the units at national level, in order to complement the desired needs. We can offer a very competitive prices and technical evaluation services and also the possibility to request a quote.

  • Chassis.
  • Gruas de vários tamanhos.
  • Side Loaders.
  • Container transport up to 45.

Additional Services:

  • Neutralization of units (removal of stickers and prefixes).
  • Container painting: exterior and interior (high quality marine paints).
  • Container repair: Qualified team to repair and inspect units in order to replace them in maritime circulation or for private use.
  • Container certification: We have a team of inspectors trained to certify the units and ensure that they meet the necessary conditions for new navigation as well as approval at any port of embarkation.

Transformations of marine containers:

  • NCT provides in its parks, responsible and experienced teams in the field of container processing, from simple jobs to more complex, we offer and execute the execution of competitive projects taking into account the high safety standards.
  • The changes are individually budgeted by the NCT team and always made in contact with the customer in order to correspond with the needs previously required.
  • Neutralization / Painting / Repair and certification of marine containers.
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